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Dont they know? It's the end of the world...

It ended when you said goodbye...

Alien girl
14 January 1987
Hey, Linz here, I thought I'd change my profile yet again...

Well, erm, about me, yeah. I started off life as sperm and an egg, lol like you do. Then I was a fetus for a brief period, then I was born. A baby obviously. As I grew up it was a tough childhood, I was very akward and a bit of a wild child from the beginning really so all the signs pointed to me becoming a wild adult. And I did.

Fucked my education up, due to no fault of my own, I wont take the blame for that. Left home and out on my own by 17, so didn't really get a second chance with the education due to being homeless. Hmmm, I suppose it's never too late really. I had a few years of madness. Then I was 20, April 2007, a serious incident happened involving me sleeping whilst my boyfriend killed himself in my bedroom, leaving me to find him when I woke up. Ohhhh man that fucked me up REAL bad, it nearly killed me. I spent as much time intoxicated as possible, trying to escape going over what had happened in my head, this carried on until there was not much fight left in me. Then one fateful day, September 2nd 2008 (how strange) I discovered I was up the duff. Oh shit!

Initially it was the biggest shock EVER but from the very moment I found I packed in ALL the self-destructive behaviour straight away. My son Tyler was born 14th May 2009 very healthy but by C-section, which freaked me out a bit, but nevermind, the most important thing is that we're ok. Motherhood is great, I love every minute of it. Tyler is the best thing that ever happened to me, I'm so glad I didn't give up now because my life actually has a meaning, even if that meaning is just being Tylers mam, I'm happy with that :)

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Date Created:2004-03-15
Number of Posts: 267

Linz is a very strange person and is very misunderstood. She is her own best friend, but otherwise has a band of cronies The boyfriend, The Son, The Lesbians, a Mickey Mouse teddy, a cat and a dog. Linz is most often a very lonely person and not always approachable, catch her on a bad day and she may bite.
Strengths: Lots of metal on body, very high pain threshold, daring, flexible and bendy in every way.
Weaknesses: is gullible sometimes, has a built in self-destruct button that is pressed too easily, drinks too much and sometimes cant handle it, thinks about the past too much, misses a certain person a fucking lot.
Special Skills: Farts of doom, can out-whinge most people, can do the splits and get both legs behind head, is cleverer and funnier than YOU!
Weapons: Foul language, knuckles on each hand, boots with metal bits on, the use of the word CUNT in any context possible.
Sidekicks: Tyler, Mickey the Mouse teddy, Baby the Cat and Hollie the Dog.

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