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So, er ... hi? is anyone still here? wanna shock? I've quit Facebook… - Dont they know? It's the end of the world... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Alien girl

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[Oct. 10th, 2010|04:00 pm]
Alien girl
[mood |infuriatedinfuriated]

So, er ... hi? is anyone still here?

wanna shock? I've quit Facebook for a while bahahaha, how weird is that? Maybe I relied on Facebook too much for self expression. It's way too easy to get your feelings out on facebook, and that goes for me, and other people. Friday night was harsh. One small incident between me and Steve at Gems house sparked a fucking stupid reaction on Facebook. Insults were thrown and I was hurt. I was pretty reasonable and did not attack anyone, just defended myself from all the ridiculous things they were saying.

So, I was pissed off coz Steve went to go out to persecution and I wanted to stay in. But he said he didnt care what I was doing, he was going out regardless. I dont see enough of him as it is. We normally spend Thursday and Friday nights together. I was really upset that he didn't want to be with me on Friday, so I had a bit of a fanny fit, that probably warranted someone to say "Jesus Linz calm down!" that would have been a fair reaction. The reaction I got was much worse. Gem started on the comments on Facebook saying I was selfish and a bad mother etc, does she not think I've had enough of that shit to deal with? I've fought tooth and nail been to hell and back to get my son back home with me. This to me was bad enough, how fucking stupid? All this from a tiny incident?

As if Gem wasnt harsh enough, for some god unknown reason, Sarah had to stick the boot in aswell. She was just plain abusive, bringing up shit that should not be mentioned on Facebook, and did not have one valid point to make. Her comments were founded from ignorance. She honestly didnt have a clue. What she was saying was very upsetting. And she managed to turn it around to make herself look like the victim, like she always does. One of the worst things she said was "when you put depressed statuses up it just makes you look shit" WHAT THE FUCK?!? Ok fair enough the girl hasn't had an easy life but she does not have a clue about what depression is, how much it can take over your life. How dare she comment like that on something she couldnt even BEGIN to understand?

Sarah's definition of depressed is anything vaguely intelligent or complex, stuff that she doesnt understand. Anything thats not "I've been here there everywhere else today and I'm gonna do this, this and this" or "I've just bought broccoli LOL" is a depressed status update for her. Then there's the accusations of attention seeking and me "looking for attention off people who dont know what I'm like" like what exactly? that comment is totally lost on me. I look to people who I know are informed enough to deal with what I'm saying, who are perfectly happy for me to have a whinge (which is something we all must do) and them to have a whinge to me in return. Everyone bitches about life. That to me isnt attention seeking. So whatever Sarah, grow the fuck up.

So I defended myself as anyone would. There was no need for all flaming I got off Gem and Sarah. It was not reasonable. My replies did not attack personally, I just fought my corner, I'm not going to sit back and let people put me down, bring up incidents from the past, portray me to be fucking satan incarnate and talk down to me. It's not happening. I dont fucking like bullies. I'm still angry and hurt about what went on which is why I've deleted facebook for the time being.

Today I've been told that Jodi has been inboxing Sarah, commending her for "standing up to me". FUCKING STANDING UP TO ME? like I'm the bully? She did not have anything to stand up to, what a load of fucking bollocks. I wasnt abusing anyone, I was the one that was being abused, with it being thinly disguised as an attempt to take the moral highground. So anyone who supports the disgusting things Sarah said to me on Facebook is a FUCKING IDIOT. I cant see how anyone could find her comments appropriate.

The other thing Sarah has said is that she gets "evil looks off lots of people in midian as she [me] does spread it around about me for attention off them" Christ! Sarah! what the fuck are you on about? Spread what around exactly? Paranoid much? Get over yourself. I have better things to do than go around talking about you (this LJ entry not included!) I'm just utterly confused and disheartened about everything thats been said about me. Seems to be a bit of bandwagon mentality going on aswell, like slagging me off is the in thing. I was never bad to Sarah, I always stuck up for her if Sue was being horrible to her, and even when she'd said Cheryl was being horrible to her (who Sarah rarely has a good word to say about) I learnt that was not all as one sided as Sarah makes out to people anyway. So why has she done this to me? I'm so confused.

I'm fucking done with backstabbers. I cant believe I've been mistreated this badly over such a trivial little thing. I dont trust many people as it is so I think I'm just gonna keep away for a while. I'm gonna take control and weed all the backstabbers OUT OF MY LIFE.

In other news Tylers absolutely fine and he's thriving, he's doing so well, and not one person on this planet can dispute that. I have the court order to prove I'm a fit parent and that is the end of it. No questions asked. I suppose my life cunts will come in and out of my life but nevermind, that's life. It's time to move on.

[User Picture]From: asamara
2010-10-10 07:40 pm (UTC)
Fuck them love. Fuck Gem, Sarah AND Jodi. I read it all and I was fuming, absolutely fuming. None of them would have said that to your face because they are chicken shits and have to hide behind FB.

They don't have kids so how can they understand how fucking lonely it is to be a mother? You wanted Ste to stay at home one night but then you chose to go out....whose business is that? If me and Kris had a regular sitter for one night a week we sure as hell would take the chance to socialise rather than be the hermits we are!!

You're a fantastic mother and you just have to look at Tyler to see that.

Love you and Tyler hunni <3
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[User Picture]From: randomlittleme
2010-10-10 07:41 pm (UTC)
Hope you're okay chick.
Don't let anyone get to ya, they're not worth the upset.
Love you
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[User Picture]From: loopylinz
2010-10-10 07:56 pm (UTC)
cheers girlies, I'm good really, I'm not just dwelling on it for the sake of it, I just need sometime away from facebook so I dont say anything i regret, or get myself into a load of shit. I needed a good rant to get this shit off my chest.

When I get back there's gonna be some major deleting happening, and if sarah wants to be my friend she's got a lot of appolgising to do. But on the other hand if thats what she thinks of me then why did she call me her friend to begin with?

Anyway, all dickheads aside, we'll have a good day tomorrow, I'm looking forward to it. Davids on the TV in 5 mins so I'm outta here xxx
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